We provide information and advice for migrant workers with questions concerning their current employment. Our goal is to ensure that all people work under fair conditions – regardless of nationality, language and ability. German labour law applies to all workers working in Germany – BemA supports all migrant workers in pursuing their rights.

In the last couple of years the number of migrant workers in Saxony-Anhalt increased significantly. Many work as regular employees subject to social insurance contributions, seasonal workers, contractors for work and service or contingent workers through agencies. Limited by a lack of language skills, no knowledge about the legal framework and employment (labour) law, migrant workers are often subjected to unfair und exploitative working conditions.

BemA runs a state-wide information and support structure regarding aspects related to employment and social law for migrant workers. Demographic changes under way in Saxony-Anhalt require new strategies which is especially important for securing labour force. Our approach towards the goal of increasing the attractiveness of labour markets is to ensure fair and sound working conditions for those who work here in Saxony-Anhalt.

Our advisory services are primarily directed at migrant workers. In addition to providing office hours, we travel directly to advisees on an as-needed basis. We also consult integration and policy professionals, companies and employers on Best Practice. The Advisory Council on Fair Employment – consisting of the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Integration, the Ministry of Economics, trade union representatives and employer-friendly institutions – ensures that project results are diverted back to policy agencies, thereby influencing policy sustainably.